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As an anthropologist, Diane Barwick reminded us that people associated with lessthan complete Aboriginal descent are Aborigines too. While an historian, sherescued via anonymity the people who paid out the particular highest price pertaining to theestablishment of the new European society within the southern hemisphere(Reece 1987, 3).

Diane Barwick, nee MacEachern, was created inside Canada in 1936 and remained the Canadian citizen. Your Woman stumbled on Australia in 1960 to begin her anthropology doctorate in the Australian National University, and resided predominantly in Canberra until the woman's death of the cerebral haemorrhage, in April 1986. Your Ex analysis centred round the current and historical circumstances associated with Aboriginal people involving Victoria as well as southwestern New South Wales.

From your early 1960s, the lady brought anthropology and also history together in their work with a moment when the 2 disciplines within Australia maintained any strident divide. This kind of convergence regarding disciplinary equipment and methodology emerged from the girl Canadian coaching and also the girl work with southern Aboriginal communities throughout settled Australia. Barwick defined herself as any possible anthropologist. Since an anthropologist throughout Australia in the 1960s as well as 1970s, however, what your woman termed her `unfashionable concern with the actual past' (Barwick 1984, 8) triggered her ambivalent relationship with your academy over the subsequent twenty five years (see Kijas 1994).

Barwick was obviously a committed advocate of Aboriginal rights to self-identification along with neighborhood solidarity at a moment when this was under concerted government attack in Victoria. An exploration of Barwick's writing, however, indicates, via early on, the complexity of accounting with regard to Aboriginal diversity. This kind of was not just the diversity among traditionally oriented as well as non-traditional Aborigines, or diversity across state borders or perhaps among nearby groups, for you to which usually she referred. A Lot More so, complexity and contradiction particularly arose around diversity within the actual Aboriginal groups whom the girl studied, especially on grounds regarding class along with gender. within this are usually raised the continuing tensions between scholarly `objectivity' and also daily, material `politics', in a continuing situation associated with colonialism.

From the actual mid-1960s, Barwick's path increasingly took your ex awayfrom fieldwork to the archival sources, moving via the girl strictlyanthropological perform to the girl escalating absorption in the documentaryevidence. Within seeking the actual heritage regarding Aboriginal Australiansthrough a new combination of documentary evidence from predominantlyEuropean sources, as well as present-day Aboriginal understandings involving theirpast, Barwick pioneered a particular, influential and ongoingunderstanding regarding Aboriginal history. The Girl juxtaposition ofanthropological fieldwork strategies and historical evidence through bothdocumentary along with oral account has been central throughout opening up possibilities forthe academic creating involving Aboriginal history. Within this partly biographicalpaper, I wish to consider the chronological and broadly thematic program indiscussing Barwick's printed along with accessible unpublished writingover the really first 20 years associated with your ex are employed in Australia. I chart 3 majorthemes in her writing: assimilation, gender relations, and also thehistorical and contemporary fight for property legal rights throughout Victoria.(1)

Strictly anthropology

Barwick recorded within the 1984 introduction for you to her manuscript, `Rebellion in Coranderrk', that the girl study job in 1960 was an anthropological research involving contemporary life, certainly not the particular recording associated with oral history. The Lady proceeded for you to reiterate your ex early lessons coming from Aboriginal people around the significance involving history, `that past decisions had present consequences' (Barwick 1984, 4). However, significantly involving the girl published work inside the 1960s and also early 1970s, along with your ex PhD thesis, lie securely within the actual disciplinary frameworks of anthropology as practised in Australia, even when not necessarily inside the actual mainstream give attention to traditional culture.

Her student buddies coming from these early years had been predominantly anthropologists and prehistorians (R Barwick 1992b and 1992c). She quickly create correspondence plus a friendship together with Judy Inglis, an anthropologist operating in similar concerns to Barwick upon Aborigines in Adelaide. Inglis had begun the girl anthropological study within the late 1950s upon Aboriginal groups within Adelaide who came from Raukkan (Point McLeay) and Point Pearce.(2) Barwick and also Inglis corresponded and stayed with each other all through 1961 and also 1962 until Inglis's death inside a car crash in 1962. From the particular time, Inglis was doing work for Stanner, setting up the Australian Institute involving Aboriginal Research (AIAS) in Canberra. In an early letter in order to Barwick, throughout 1961, Inglis suggested to become able to the woman's in which they were `boxed up over the identical problems I suspect' (Judy Inglis papers, held with AIATSIS).

Barwick's PhD along with early content articles in comparison the woman's work in theVictorian Aboriginal communities with this involving additional scholars currentlyor previously researching in settled Australia.(3) The Lady was additionally deeplyinvolved in the organization in the AIAS. Pertaining To instance, she and also fellowanthropologist Les Hiatt were used to get the 1961 conference going,`doing all involving the leg work', based on John Mulvaney (1992).(4)

The initial article Barwick published in Australia had been upon Canadian Indian policy, throughout 1961. Your next a couple of articles, all of similar content, were about the contemporary circumstance regarding Aborigines regarding Victoria (1962; 1964a). His Or Her anthropological target has been predominantly about kinship structures, that inside Melbourne meant examining loved ones along with household organisation, marriage patterns, social networks and the various regional groupings within along with across which usually these networks operated.

These content articles highlighted certain concerns via Barwick's thesis, like kinship, and also dwelt only briefly in others, such as employment along with education. Thus these content articles reflected Barwick's understanding involving that which was centrally important to her anthropological project, which in turn subsequently reflected the girl knowledge of what her Aboriginal subjects noticed as centrally relevant as well as significant in order to their lives.

The Melbourne Aboriginal neighborhood had been very small prior to the second world War. the rural communities had long supported themselves via seasonal perform associated with numerous kinds, and also with varying success (Attwood 1986b; Barwick 1963, ch 3). In The Actual Program Of and also following the war, Aborigines, like others, migrated throughout higher figures for the metropolis in order to find better living along with working circumstances (Barwick 1963; Gale 1988; Jackomos 1992; VAAL 1985).

Barwick located the particular Aboriginal population associated with Melbourne for you to be fragmented about the basis of the distinct regions coming from which in turn they came, whilst still linked via typical heritage as well as history to form a self-identifying and identifiable community. Regional affiliation formed the schedule in the kinship networks, with people constantly moving in and out with the area throughout research associated with work, entertainment and also new opportunities, and staying using their city relatives. The Girl thesis put down in order to describe the historical, social and also economic circumstances that brought Aborigines to Melbourne as well as set up these as an identifiable community.

In the initial chapter of her PhD thesis, `Regional Affiliation and Aboriginal Solidarity', Barwick discussed the persistence of self-identifying Aboriginal `enclaves'. This specific has been especially in the face of official assimilation policy, the actual aim of which in turn would happen in order to be to break up Aboriginal communities along with disperse people throughout non-Aboriginal society. The Majority Of Victorian Aborigines Welfare Board members considered

that a few regarding the people now thought to be Aborigines

could `pass' and become assimilated when they broke away

from their particular old mode regarding living, associates, surroundings

and behaviour. (Barwick 1963,56)

Barwick argued that will such a statement implied that will Aborigines were categorised on the schedule of physical features along with modes regarding behaviour which had been judged to be unacceptable through government as well as other Australians. Such understandings were distinct to people of the `local dark people', that regarded anybody regarding recognized Aboriginal ancestry, whatever their colour, being Aboriginal (Barwick 1963, 56-57). This was a point which Barwick would reiterate frequently throughout explaining Victorian Aboriginal people's emphasis about kin, neighborhood ties and loyalties (1963, chs 4 and 5; 1964a). Middle-class Anglo notions regarding individuality, Barwick argued, were alien and usually unacceptable towards the `dark people' associated with Victoria.

Employment along with schooling were the particular topics with regard to chapter three associated with her thesis. However, all through the others of her writing as well as other projects on Aboriginal issues, Barwick chose never to spend time exploring these issues a lot further. This particular ended up being simply because the lady understood Victorian Aboriginal people's priorities as well as passions for you to lie elsewhere. She said people were uninterested or bewildered through her concerns and interest in these matters (1963, xxiii). Unlike inside mainstream society, the status regarding men did not lie in holding down the `good' job (for example, 1962, 21; 1963, 269). Whenever Barwick had been environment up the Biographical register at the AIAS within the early 1980s, John Mason, the head cataloguer in the library, remembers that they `refused' to include people's occupations (Mason 1992). Richard Barwick confirmed this, stating that she had come to believe strongly that the different status and also priority accorded in order to employment between Aboriginal and various other working-class Australians had been certainly one of your distinct indicators which distinguished these groups.

Whilst your woman continued to acknowledge similarities, she also strengthened the girl declaration associated with variations involving the rural-based, Aboriginal migratory populations regarding southeastern Australia and also other migratory workers. This kind of could specifically be noted in evaluating the girl 1964 article inside Reay having a 1971 article exactly where the lady declared kinship, community obligation, responsibility and affiliation marked Aborigines off from other rural migratory Australian workers.

By this time, the lady had withdrawn the woman's earlier claims that few, if any, `traditional' elements remained, stating that

some elements involving standard culture survive: `the old

law' still operates to always be able to forbid initial as well as 2nd cousin

marriages, and also vestiges with the section system define

marriage options even more narrowly throughout remoter

districts; beliefs in certain spirits and harbingers of

death are usually still passed on; a number of the lore of herbal

curing will be still discovered useful; and a quantity of the old

mourning procedures tend to be nevertheless considered proper. (1988, 29)

Barwick constructed a positive picture regarding Aboriginal difference and pride in the distinctive non-traditional Aboriginal cultural form over the first decade regarding her writing. This particular ended up being within the encounter regarding scholarly and governmental constructions in the southern `Part'-Aboriginal populations as differing from poor `whites' just in skin colour, with the deficit cultural education.(5) Anthropologist Marcia Langton said of Barwick's early work:

In the actual 1960s, Barwick studied socialization and identity

in Victoria. The Girl elaborated with regard to maybe the initial time in

the white literature, the maintenance involving kinship and

regional affiliation for community security, both social

and economic, as well as for socialization and identity.

(Langton 1981, 17)

Barwick's anthropological information as well as dialogue in the girl own thesis and articles by means of towards the 1970s had been embedded in this broader discourse on assimilation policy The Girl found that Aboriginal individuals around the entire wanted the material great items about much better housing, work opportunities and education that assimilation supposedly offered. Generally, however, they will failed to want them from the cost of the actual denigration regarding Aboriginal `customs', or their isolation amongst any hostile `white' neighborhood and also loss of kinship ties that assimilation policy below the Victorian government demanded (for example, discover Annual Studies with the Aborigines Welfare Board, particularly 1960-1965; Barwick 1962, 1963, 1964a).

`The simple premise of government' that the Aboriginal problem would always be solved through the disappearance with the Aboriginal minority `as a separate population ...' had, Barwick argued, by absolutely no means altered throughout Victoria's administrative history (1963, 95). The Girl quoted from Nancy Lurie's 1961 article in Native Americans, as equally applicable towards the Australian `Aboriginal problem', `do-gooder' and government policy:

Basically the Indian Difficulty may be confounded with

Indians Problems. Simply Because government administration

and benevolent whites have got lengthy experienced agreement

with Indians as towards the particular problems -- poverty,

inadequate education, poor health, alcoholism along with a

host regarding some other adversities besetting Indians -- that they have

barely grasped, when they recognise the fact in all, in which their

definition of the Indian Issue isn't usually shared

by Indians. Regarding your `White People', the particular expereince regarding living of

the Indians constitutes the particular Indian problem [original

emphasis]. (1963,59)

Many with the Aboriginal people with whom Barwick worked inside Victoria were acutely mindful of such Anglo-Australian constructions regarding Aboriginal life. Self-esteem could not be maintained within a new policy which in turn assumed the inferiority involving Aborigines. Barwick's composing upon Aborigines in this early period repeated a couple of sayings that came in the Cumeroogunga families whom organised your weekly Aboriginal dances inside Melbourne: `of keeping our individuals together', along with `to show those gabas what dark people may do' (for example, 1963; 1964a, 30).

In some time which Barwick spent throughout Victoria, Aboriginal spokespeople had been starting once more in order to carry to become able to government and also public attention their own understandings regarding their own situation, as well as their demands for their future. Since a minority team along with little if any power, any united front ended up being needed to confront mainstream, non-aboriginal society. However, Aboriginal insiders had been not, associated with course, a new homogenous group. Nor did the particular aims involving even empathetic academic scholarship essentially sit comfortably with Aboriginal understandings or even aims. Barwick's writings of the period reflect such ambiguities inside academic representations of colonial subjects.

Science and also politics

Barwick possessed the combination, as expressed simply by Bob Reece (1986, 1), `... of absolutely scrupulous scholarship and passionate conviction ...' The Girl didn't notice scholarship as well as politics as inherently separate exercises. However, the lady seemed to be able to feel the have to legitimise your ex political concerns inside an Australian academic environment which she regarded as hostile to be able to this type of combination. With Regard To example, she declared that, throughout Canadian anthropology, `commitment and also relevance' were academically respectable. Within the woman's article in Framlingham, in 1981, she said that the concept associated with equity was implicit inside any major location of anthropology with regard to indigenous territory legal rights (1981, 174; 1983, 11). Barwick believed strongly inside `anthropology in which mattered' (Bell within McBryde et al 1987, 7). This caused the tension all through her work between the claims associated with objective, detached scientific scholarship of structural-functionalist anthropology combined along with her very own strict scholarly expectations, as well as the material politics associated with your ex subjects' real world which the girl confronted within southern Australia.

The a couple of groups of Aboriginal people with whom your woman spent the majority of time in the 1960s within Victoria highlighted 2 issues inside this tension. The Cumeroogunga folks highlighted internal class variations within her Aboriginal subject group, and the Lake Tyers folks highlighted the urgency associated with terrain rights. The idea is important that will the woman's Aboriginal informants and pals had been predominantly `Cumeroogunga people' (Jackomos 1992), many regarding whose members with the family had originally come from Coranderrk (these Aboriginal reserves is planning to be discussed below). Cumeroogunga people had initiated the Aboriginal balls begun in the 1940s, your weekly dances, and much of the re-invigoration of political activity from the late 1950s inside Melbourne (Jackomos 1992; VAAL 1985). According to Barwick, they were regarded amongst Victorian Aborigines, `somewhat unwillingly, because the highest class' (1963, 21).

In the girl posts in the 1960s, Barwick discussed the regional rivalries between Victorian Aborigines, the actual historical as well as economic circumstances which had produced them, as well as their impact about the political and social lives in the Melbourne community. The Lady described your ways kinship as well as regional groupings had been played out in the every week dances regarding seating.(6) Pertaining To instance, Cumeroogunga families had been seated most prominently, contrary to the wall with the center area associated with the hall (Barwick 1962).

For these individuals with whom the girl spent nearly all time, she understood them to think in which their ways forward were through a dual process: to retain along with strengthen Aboriginal neighborhood along with `customs', whilst proving to be able to non-aboriginal society by means of respectable look and behaviour upon middle-class Anglo terms the kuris were just as good as the actual gabas. Barwick had small in order to say regarding those Aboriginal folks who were excluded from the dances because regarding drinking, unsuitable attire and other disreputable behaviour according towards the judgment involving individuals in control. Maybe these people, whose presence was only intimated, would form a portion of an oppositional culture that Barry Morris along with Gillian Cowlishaw, in the 1980s within elements of New South Wales, have got called a `culture involving resistance' (Cowlishaw 1988; Morris 1989).

In the particular introduction for you to his edited collection about Aboriginal cultures throughout settled Australia, lan Keen (1988) in contrast Morris's theme of a culture regarding resistance together with what he regarded as Barwick's ultimately assimilationist work. Here, Keen conflates serious amounts of locality: the 1960s in Victoria and the 1970s and 1980s inside New South Wales. A rapidly changing political environment as well as various regional/state ethics help to make Keen's comparison problematic. However, whilst Barwick did note the actual internal class variances and some of his or her dynamics within the Melbourne Aboriginal community, the girl invested small time discussing the particular ramifications of the girl knowledge base for her very own research.

The some other Aboriginal people that have whom the girl had some substantial contact within the 1960s were Lake Tyers people.(7) Since the 1950s, they had been fighting to save their reserve from becoming sold simply by the government. Barwick wrote the personal submission towards the Victorian government inside 1964 relating to its future. she strongly rebuked the actual McLean report regarding its lack of Aboriginal input, and its dismissal regarding Lake Tyers people's requests to end up being able to retain their own land. Inside the woman's submission, she compared the history involving Native American policy inside Canada and the United States, and also offered the particular solutions associated with influential Canadian contacts to Victorian authorities. The Lady argued that will neighborhood development programs and not forced individual dispersal needs to be established in the two remaining Victorian Aboriginal reserves involving Lake Tyers and also Framlingham. Richard Barwick (1992a) remembers that, within the mid-1960s, Barwick was condemned in the Victorian parliament as `that meddling American'. Philip Felton, then Superintendent regarding Aboriginal Welfare within Victoria, said in which her historical study was becoming quoted against the board administration in connection using Lake Tyers inside the 1960s.(8)

A comparison between the avowedly objective, descriptive stance of her academic posts in the 1960s and early 1970s, and in addition the more passionate claims involving intransigent policy as well as demands pertaining to human rights in her writing in Lake Tyers, gives several indication in the tension between objective scholarship and the inescapable politics involving this area. Of course, your ex creating type and tone also differed depending about the audience for whom your woman ended up being writing. The Lady constrained the woman's academic writing partly via the girl belief inside objective truth plus facts which usually were there to become discovered and utilized to enlighten past ignorance, along with to right past injustice (I will return to this below). Partly, she was working inside the confines in the Australian academy for making strong her claims. Simply No doubt your ex early creating had been additionally tempered by the fact that your woman was obviously a younger scholar. The Girl has been fulfilling the actual academic demands of a detached social anthropology thesis, and had hopes for an academic career throughout Australia in their chosen field.

Barwick's 1964 article joined the job involving eleven additional `young people' with regard to Marie Reay's edited collection, Aborigines Now, the target of which usually ended up being the assimilation policy throughout the country. In the foreword towards the book, Stanner briefly layed out the history of government as well as public neglect involving Aborigines when frontier violence had ceased. The idea was a forerunner to become able to his article eventually published as the first paper inside the new journal, Aboriginal History (1977). Within commenting on the contributors' work, he said:

If I could permit myself for you to criticise what they

have written, I would help make a couple of observations. The

historical areas of the problems happen to always be able to be passed over

somewhat lightly, and furthermore the creating is much more judicial and

less contentious than the facts warrant, particularly the

strata of facts which usually historians ignore but which

nevertheless even now surface inside aboriginal [sic] life. (Stanner

1964, viii)

However, in 1964 along with 1965, Barwick performed research in Victorian and New South Wales Aboriginal communities for the Social Science Research Council's `Aborigines in Australian Society' project, headed simply by Charles Rowley. Simply By 1966 the girl had discovered, by means of Felton, the prosperity associated with archival documents on nineteenth century Victorian Aboriginal administrative policy held in the basement of the Victorian Treasury creating (Beckett 1992a; Felton, pers comm). Your Woman had begun work on all of them within Canberra. Barwick ended up being well about the way to addressing some of Stanner's concerns concerning a critical anthropological and historical analysis regarding Australian race relations.

Including women: `And the actual Lubras are Ladies Now'

Apart from class problems inside the Melbourne Aboriginal community, the some other complex location of Aboriginal internal diversity which Barwick's early perform raised had been that relating to gender. Inside 1969, Barwick gave a paper at the symposium about the role associated with Aboriginal ladies at the ANZAAS conference, located in Adelaide. Your paper would end up being a complex intermeshing regarding her contemporary anthropological function about status within the family, about the reputation the nineteenth century reserves, and highlighting your ex interests throughout females as well as feminism.(9)

Barwick had currently revealed any paper called `Outsiders: Aboriginal Women' throughout Julie Rigg's groundbreaking, edited collection upon Australian women, Inside Her right (1969).(10) This specific paper had emphasised contemporary kinship networks, loved ones solidarity and strong women, carefully comparing similarities and then differences between these Aboriginal females along along with other working-class Australian women.

The paper offered in ANZAAS, referred in order to as `And the actual Lubras Tend To Be Ladies Now', 1st appeared within 1970 within Fay Gale's edited collection of which symposium.(11) The idea is one of Barwick's the majority of widely read articles, and especially throughout its original text is obviously among the most contentious. The Particular article described the changing roles, status and activities associated with Aboriginal ladies and men around the reserves and also mission stations involving nineteenth century Victoria:

Between 1860 and 1886 there is a new rapid and

remarkable alter inside the status and also roles involving Victorian

Aboriginal women. in this brief paper I may merely

outline the circumstances which in turn caused the traditionally

patriarchal social organisation with the Victorian tribal

remnants to become so transformed within 1 generation

that these communities were, by 1886, more emancipist

in sentiment compared to `mid Victorian' white officials.

(Barwick 1974a, 51)

Barwick described rapid changes, where the Aboriginal females took great pride inside their houses, participated inside the church, mission education involving their kids and also themselves, and also had unique opportunities to build genuine friendships along with a couple of regarding the missionary women. Aboriginal men's status has been eroded from the new institutional regimes of the stations. European men undermined his or her `political, familial, economic and religious authority'. However, rapid changes in Aboriginal gender relations were not credited for you to official intervention and tutelage, based on Barwick:

In fact the men suddenly and also voluntarily abandoned

certain legal rights as well as powers ... [and] permitted and

encouraged new economic as well as religious roles with regard to women, and

invited their particular political participation. (1974a, 51-52)

The agency of the Aboriginal ladies in post-contact society which Barwick promoted inside the article was a vital corrective to end up being able to anthropology, which had mainly rendered women invisible (see Gale 1974, introduction; Merlan 1988; Williams along with Jolly 1992). The Actual creating regarding Aboriginal history had just just begun to create tentative actions with the time (for example, Corris 1968). This article would later encourage amongst historians at least the particular mention, and in addition the fuller exploration, associated with Aboriginal women's experiences about Victorian reserves. Examples consist of Richard Broome's general history of Aboriginal Australia (1982), along with Bain Attwood's work on Victoria (1986a; 1986b).

Barwick's personal anthropological work would appear to have profoundly influenced the girl reading of yesteryear on the woman's behalf 1969 paper. I will discuss down below Barwick's understanding of creating Aboriginal history, that has been anchored via an comprehension of existing day Aboriginal people's perceptions in the past, and in absolutely no way solely through the particular documents. Involving relevance towards the 1969 paper was her understanding in the gender status regarding your ex informants within the 1960s. In chapter 4 with the Phd thesis, `Marriage, the particular Family Members and the Household', Barwick described the actual tensions inside the actual Melbourne community relating to status as well as roles between male and also female. Matrifocal authority had developed via your struggle to keep families together within the confront regarding Anglo welfare policies, along with idle, unreliable Aboriginal men. Whilst marriage to the gabas was rarely considered a workable option, Barwick quoted an informant:

But all our younger men seem to look after will be the drink;

they won't give a girl a good house. Any girl offers no

security using certainly 1 of them, she'll need to always be able to go as well as battle for

herself and also her children. (1963, 274)

This description of the breakdown inside gender relations as well as the development associated with strong Aboriginal ladies clearly reflected onto Barwick's knowing and also construction of the past. The Girl believed in universal women's rights as well as has been always component of a shut network of females (Williams in McBryde et al 1987, 6).

In 1976, however, Pat O'Shane raised the crucial criticism of Barwick's assumptions associated with pre-contact Aboriginal society which underpinned your article. O'Shane's critique can be used here as a further illustration of the particular often-painful complexity as well as clash involving projects crossing race, gender and class boundaries which usually Barwick's work foreshadowed. O'Shane argued which there had been clearly your strong free gems clash of clans hack implication that the reasons for that women's perceived new-found freedom was `that ladies inside standard Aboriginal society lived inside a state of constant brutalisation by simply his or her savage men folk' (O'Shane 1976, 31). This seems vindicated, pertaining to instance, in Barwick's seeming acceptance of the statement with the nineteenth century European observer, Edward Curr, that will the women had the poorest food and the husband had been `the absolute owner regarding his wife' (Barwick 1974a, 52). Whether or normally not this could be read as a consequence of the horrific conditions involving dispossessed teams rather than conventional behaviour, such understandings construct notions associated with Aboriginal women as devalued chattels involving Aboriginal men (Williams and also Jolly 1992).

O'Shane had employed Barwick's article throughout 1976 for you to introduce her disrupting cost involving racism inherent within the contemporary women's movement. The Girl argued which Aboriginal women's struggle with racism meant in which their priorities as well as experiences are not the same because the middle-class `white' girls that predominated throughout the women's movement. Partly regarding this reason, your woman argued that Aboriginal women's relationship making use involving their men additionally differed from non-aboriginal gender relations. the failure to recognise these differences constituted racism inside the particular movement.

With the particular onset of colonisation, the particular stealing regarding territory and the loss of identity and also human dignity, O'Shane quoted Fay Gale, concurring here along with Barwick's argument, saying that Aboriginal men lost both their status in add-on to their self-respect. This kind of often left Aboriginal women with a brand new status involving dominance in family as well as neighborhood life (O'Shane 1976). the consequences associated with this throughout contemporary Australian society, O'Shane argued, where ladies generally are devalued and where racism further devalues Aboriginal women, ended up being to go away Aboriginal men at the extremely bottom in the heap of Australian society today. `Is this the value we, as women, want to cover our (seemingly) greater status? The enslavement involving men!' (O'Shane 1976, 32).

This was not Barwick's intent. her 1969 paper, greater than any of her others, raises the deep contradictions which are inherent in writing from the position regarding responsibility, and power, to always be able to represent `the other' inside a racist society. That highlights a new tension and contradiction which seemed for you to underlay much regarding Barwick's work. She clearly battled throughout the girl writing between, on the 1 hand, her rigorous stance about what the lady considered objective, factual scholarship, and, about the other, the girl belief inside the political purposes of writing. It was any dichotomy partly regarding her making. However, it had been also each a response for the conservative scholarly needs with the Australian academy, too as caution in how info might be employed within mainstream society.

Barwick was a strong advocate involving Koori, as well as other Aboriginal people's, legal rights to be able to maintain along with strengthen their particular communities, connected via any typical (but diverse) Aboriginal identity. in the later 1960s, your woman self-censored a amount of material since in the harming way it might be utilized by forces which wished in order to denigrate along with break up Aboriginal identity as well as community. Possibly the very fact that she never published the thesis ended up being partly a new deliberate choice to protect her informants. Many associated with my informants get stressed how the lady guarded material as the individual property of person families, and not public property (R Barwick 1992a; Critchet, pers comm 1 Oct 1993; Mulvaney 1992). Instead, your ex revealed content articles about the Aboriginal family members within southeastern Australia within the 1960s emphasised the protection involving loved ones networks and loving child care from almost all loved ones which usually the girl had additionally witnessed, in the particular often-hostile confront of `white' australia (Barwick 1974b).

Barwick's comprehending of females as chattels in `traditional' society is perplexing, specifically provided any certain one of the aims in the volume in which your article has been published has been to challenge such notions. However, your woman had additionally experienced the chaos and crisis involving gender relations internal towards the teams the girl studied. The issues raised through this article, and subsequent responses regarding how (or, in accordance with some, regardless involving whether from all) 1 can easily raise sensitive issues of internal strife within Aboriginal communities which can easily be used up and used against these people by method of a racist society, remain bitter along with unresolved today.(12)

Turning for you to `library research'

The 1969 paper became available of a larger study which Barwick has been carrying out about nineteenth century Aboriginal mission stations, especially Coranderrk in central Victoria, and Cumeroogunga around the New South Wales side with the Murray River. Because has been noted, Barwick often described how your woman learned coming from Aboriginal people the significance of past policies along with motion in their own lives inside the present. Whilst the lady had come to understand this from your earliest days (see 1983, 11; 1984), at least 4 some other circumstances spurred the woman's in towards your ex documentary research through the mid-1960s.

She had married a New Zealander, Richard Barwick, whose academic career has been anchored in Canberra. The Woman's Victorian fieldwork had largely separated these for your first year of their own marriage, and also she subsequently decided to stay in Canberra. His Or Her simply child, Laura, came along a lot later within their marriage. While has been apparent from the preface to her thesis, Barwick also discovered your intrusion in to private lives and other ethical problems involving fieldwork extremely problematic (Barwick 1963, preface; R Barwick 1992a). This particular has been without doubt exacerbated by simply the circumstances regarding your ex fieldwork within urban Australia. Your Woman had been extremely involved in the particular private lives of several regarding the girl informants who have got been additionally her friends, along with in the public politics involving Aboriginal issues. Unlike other anthropologists whom labored in exotic places, only to see their informants rarely after they decided to seek these people out, Barwick's responsibilities along with investments in the woman's own informants' affairs were much a lot more immediate (Beckett 1992b; Study 1992).

Once back again within Canberra, your woman gradually retreated via a lot more direct involvement with almost all the Victorian communities. As an alternative your woman dedicated her time as well as sources in order to problems which she could function upon within Canberra. These included political as well as intellectual projects, for example your ex involvement with the AIAS, the actual Treaty project, setting up the actual Aboriginal History journal, submission composing as well as research with regard to terrain rights claims in Victoria along with for that Central Lands Council, amidst her extremely own writing, research, teaching as well as family responsibilities.

Another crucial impetus arrived 1966-67 when your woman had been in a new position to examine your newly `rediscovered' archives with the nineteenth century Victorian Board for the Protection associated with Aborigines (1984, 8; curriculum vitae). It has been back to always be able to Canberra, then, that they trucked enormous boxes filled with 1 involving these archives, rescued from the vault of the Treasury building. These kinds of documents had been then housed within the Australian Archives in Brighton, Victoria (R Barwick 1992a; Beckett 1992a; Felton, pers comm).(13)

Between 1966 and also 1972, Barwick held an investigation fellowship in the Department of Anthropology and also Sociology in the Study College of Pacific Research at the Australian National university (ANU). This was during this time that she consolidated the girl interdisciplinary approach through meticulously creating her own archive. she annotated most the board material, which included reports, minutes, letter-books, a manager's journal along with extensive correspondence (Barwick 1968). She also scoured mission records as well as pamphlets, contemporary newspapers, and settler correspondence. Inside 1967 Mulvaney had provided the girl usage of the papers with the nineteenth century ethnographer, AW Howitt. He had collected all of them in that 12 months from Howitt's grand-daughter, Mary Howitt Walker.

Amongst the particular papers had been 80 pages of notes involving conversations between the Aboriginal leader, William Barak, as well as Howitt. The Actual handwriting was barely legible, and Barwick typed all regarding it out. Mulvaney (1992) offered this as an instance of the woman's exhaustive labour which in turn she carried out for the benefit along with accessibility involving others.14 The idea has been substantially via all the above records which Barwick pieced collectively the actual genealogies and demographic figures of nineteenth and also twentieth century Victorian Aborigines (1971a).

It was also via this time period that Barwick completed her manuscript, `Rebellion at Coranderrk', which ended up being accepted for publication simply by ANU Press throughout 1973 but later on withdrawn pertaining to major rewriting. Barwick completed the actual rewriting after getting a 12-month research fellowship inside the Department regarding History, Study University regarding Social Sciences, ANU, in between 1979 and also 1980. Based on your ex curriculum vitae, the manuscript was again accepted with regard to publication by ANU Press throughout 1981, but it hadn't been published prior to end up being able to the closure with the press inside 1984. Five additional press offers regarding acceptance have been privately received but she ended up being awaiting developments in the sale of ANU Press before proceeding. Following the woman's death, Richard Barwick withdrew your manuscript from Pergamon Press, which had taken over via ANU Press. The idea remains unpublished; Richard along with Laura Barwick are generally determined, however, it will see the lighting of day (Barwick, curriculum vitae).

Barwick was very aware that your ex anthropological project which incorporated the actual reading and help to make use of of archival as well as other documentary evidence in the research of yesteryear was, for you to repeat the least, `unfashionable'. she was, however, supported in her project by Stanner along with Rowley (amongst others), which in turn the lady found extremely significant. In Stanner's final presidential address in order to Section 25 (Anthropology) in the forty-fourth ANZAAS Congress in August 1972, he cited approvingly and additionally at length Barwick's function about Coranderrk. He quoted huge sections of your ex manuscript together with her permission (Barwick 1984, 7-8; Stanner 1979, 307-11).

A good reputation for fighting for Aboriginal land

Also, the girl Canadian training below Harry Hawthorn had ready the woman's for her own are employed in Victoria. Referring to always be able to perform which usually he had completed between 1954 and 1956 on a study of contemporary Indian life inside British Columbia, Hawthorn said:

The good status for property disputes reveals a fantastic deal about

provincial along with federal passions within the Indians throughout the

past; it does a lot in order to explain current Indian distrust of

the Whites inside various other spheres... (Hawthorn et al 1960, 49)

Such a viewpoint would be reflected in Barwick's writing on contemporary Aboriginal communities in Victoria. she came increasingly to target about the historic fight regarding Aborigines to always be able to retain his or her land, and the consequences regarding those battles for her topics inside the present. Two years into her initial analysis fellowship, Barwick gave the seminar paper of the girl findings about the circumstances surrounding your development and loss in the Aboriginal farming station of Coranderrk. The Particular paper, `Rebellion at Coranderrk', has never been published, and also Andrew Markus (1992) exclaimed that, `You'd have to give it a award for the best known unpublished article throughout Australian Aboriginal history'.

The paper can always be a very detailed, chronological narrative involving the settlement associated with Coranderrk, tracing your exploits in the Victorian Board for the actual Protection regarding Aborigines in connection with almost all the station. Between 1875 and 1885, a new contingent regarding board members consistently attempted to persuade the us government to eliminate the Aboriginal residents to enable the sale involving land to neighbouring non-aboriginal farmers.

It can also be a brief history with the residents' fight within this period to hold to which land. This ended up being attempted through a quantity of means, including petitions and also team deputations to be able to government officials, use of your media and sympathetic non-aborigines, and threats regarding the withdrawal of their farm labour with crucial times. They Will obtained a temporary reprieve, but the insecurity regarding territory tenure, insufficient control over their particular lives along with broken promises had really disruptive consequences for the lives of those residents. Barwick explained upon page 1 that will she had grow for you to be interested because

before I observed virtually any published records I been aware of the dispute

from an Aboriginal woman born inside 1890. Your retention

of this incident in the folk reputation this community

after the lapse involving eighty many years aroused my interest.

(1968, 1)

The seminar paper relies around the character involving John Green, a Presbyterian layman and early manager of Coranderrk who had been dismissed by the board in 1875. over your subsequent decade his reinstatement was consistently demanded by most, and sometimes reputedly all, involving the Aboriginal residents.

Barwick then extended the woman's research about southeastern Aboriginal farming stations to add the new southwest station of Cumeroogunga, where many in the Coranderrk residents visited are living inside the later on 1800s. Her 1972 article, `Coranderrk along with Cumeroogunga: Pioneers and Policy', explicitly put down in order to overturn the particular ignorant and racist assumptions regarding government officials along with historians, through to the time of your ex writing, which these farming communities had failed because `Aborigines aren't agriculturalists through inclination' (Charles McLean within Barwick 1972, 12).

These papers about Coranderrk as well as Cumeroogunga pull with every single other two vital themes throughout Barwick's work.(15) 1 will be that they demonstrate her deep scholarly curiosity inside the circumstances of past events. Intermeshed in these papers tend to be her pursuits in the reputation the administration associated with Aborigines within southeastern Australia and additionally the history of your nineteenth as well as early twentieth century farming stations. Inside the introduction in order to your ex manuscript, the girl said:

My fascination with Victorian policy as well as administration was

partly antiquarian. I had been interested within the reminiscences

of older Aborigines along with simply wanted to recognize more

about events that that they had mentioned. (1984, 7)

The term `antiquarian' was used by means of a quantity of my informants to describe Barwick's historical work, and may even always be why your woman employed it here. That was utilized in criticism of the woman's undoubted preoccupation with `facts', which in turn it had been suggested had been facts limited to their particular sake. Because regarding this, a few suggested that will her history had little relevance to people in the present, and hence had been in addition certainly not anthropological inside its aims.

However, the really first eight pages of the introduction to the 1972 article clearly demonstrate Barwick's assumption that the writing of history can be automatically and unavoidably political as well as impacts upon the present. a second theme in which emerges as central for you to the girl project can be how the good popularity for the particular farming communities had direct consequences for Aboriginal lives and in addition the fight with regard to property legal rights within Victoria inside the 1950s, 1960s and also 1970s. Your Woman explained that the historical facts associated with the Victorian Aboriginal communities had mainly been ignored or perhaps forgotten by just about all but the descendants of the `Aboriginal pioneers'. The Lady went on:

Yet the historical tradition explaining their own failure still

influenced policy-makers through the 1960s; officials

rejected Aboriginal pleas pertaining to development of the

remaining reserves...[arguing that]...all previous

ventures had failed since in the laziness,

incompetence, wandering habits or just about any other `peculiar

characteristics' of this race. (1972, 11-12)

She said, however, the present-day Aboriginal communities had a different historical tradition which usually recalled that

`the old people farmed your property regarding themselves, but

the government sent the actual half castes off and gave our

land to be able to white men in order to use'. They Will blame government

policy choices for `the loss of our land',

and subsequent exile as migratory rural labourers made to camp

on employers' properties or even the rubbish tips associated with nearby

towns. Their Particular reminiscences in addition to end up being able to their resentment

inevitably condition their own responses to existing policies

for his or her welfare. (1972, 12)

Barwick pointed out that the `Aborigines' folk history' constructed your early farming time period as being a golden age, glossing more than the periods involving destructive weather conditions and innumerable ills regarding the `vegetable along with animal kingdoms [which] imperilled their forebears' `farming' (a criticism which usually could be brought against her seminar paper). However, your documentary evidence, that have pertaining to so long been ignored along with buried, indicated that the farms were more productive than modern `pseudo-history' admits. It also confirmed the particular accuracy of much with the Aborigines' oral accounts involving why the actual farms `failed' (1972, 12-15).

Farming had been gradually abandoned at Coranderrk from the late 1800s as government sold off terrain as well as residents sought higher safety over their lives inside other places. The Actual final plot associated with land has been sold in 1948 (Barwick 1972; Broome 1982; Mulvaney 1989). in Victoria, your battle to retain the little quantity involving remaining land at Lake Tyers was won throughout 1971. However, the fight to save tiny areas associated with property from that old reserves of Framlingham along with Lake Condah has been resumed in the 1970s.

In the 41-page statement to end up being able to then Minister of Conservation WA Borthwick, Barwick (1979) defined a new documentary reputation your dispossession of land with Framlingham, through 1861 if the reserve had been allocated, for you to 1969. This history has been then printed in 1981, linking an inside depth historical narrative of Framlingham using a comparative analysis regarding modern-day land rights policy within north America along with Australia (Federal Northern Territory Act). Your article, `Equity pertaining to Aborigines? The Particular Framlingham Case', was revealed within Patrick Troy's edited collection, A New Just Society: Essays on Equity in Australia. Its placement on this collection also indicates that will your ex intellectual hobbies here had been issues-based and interdisciplinary, instead of grounded discretely in either history or anthropology.

Barwick's composing in past events, similar to a lot regarding the girl earlier contemporary perform of the 1950s and 1960s, can be descriptive, using little analysis or perhaps overt interpretive discussion. because involving this, some have felt that, getting discovered such a great amount of documentary material, she really did not recognize the way to handle it. Certainly the lady was cautious, if not apologetic, regarding the girl use associated with historical methodology, suggesting that because the girl lacked lessons in historical research techniques the woman's discoveries are not the result regarding `science' (1968, 2). However, especially in the 1970s, your woman read extensively on historiography and historical methodology (R Barwick 1992b; Parkes, pers comm eight July 1992).

A lack of training in history or perhaps insufficient capability does not explain her empirical, descriptive style. Rather, it may be partly traced back to the woman's pragmatic American anthropological training, the location where a Boasian belief throughout `facts' influenced the girl later work. Anthropologist and great friend Nancy Williams (1992) provides commented in which they'd long debates over the thought of `truth', a knowledge on which usually they did not necessarily agree. Historian Marian Quartley (1992), that worked with Barwick within the early 1980s, commented that they was obviously a `rampant empiricist', however inside the `best sense' of working from Aboriginal evidence. Barwick believed the facts have there been to be discovered as well as accustomed to enlighten a truth that will ended up hidden and buried.

Barwick's academic conservatism has been totally interwoven along with your ex politically progressive stance. The Girl use associated with evidence had a specific purpose: to place before an audience information in which uncovered a history which have been ignored, with damaging consequences. The information would produce a distinction into a assortment of groups. Throughout the actual case of the actual farming communities, your woman worked inside the belief that will the girl research would produce a distinction to always be able to Aboriginal lives, vindicating their understandings associated with the past within terms of dominant Western historiography.

Of a lot more immediate material consequence to Aborigines ended up being the particular issue of saving the little amounts of territory which in turn government officials were intent upon offering off, since the maintenance regarding separate Aboriginal communities is at opposition to always be able to assimilation policy. Bob Reece asserts that your transfer associated with Framlingham ended up being an achievement which had been largely due to always be able to her exhaustive historical analysis and also skilful advocacy (R Barwick 1992a; McBryde et al 1987, 2).

Anthropology and also history

Beckett (1992a) asserts the extent with the archival documentation which Barwick unearthed in Victoria greatly surprised historians like Manning Clark, and positively impressed Stanner (1979). Barwick's examination associated with documentary evidence has been incredibly thorough. However, she never considered which a good popularity for Aboriginal people could probably be fully elicited from your documents, that have been predominantly written by Europeans, often those using the power to direct policy and also motion with regard to the Aborigines. The Girl had been searching for that gaps as well as silences in the written records, then one fundamental way to acquire other understandings had been from the oral histories involving Aboriginal individuals (Barwick 1968; 1984; R Barwick 1992a).

In your ex 1979 statement about Framlingham, Barwick said that, throughout her 19 numerous years of work on Aboriginal issues, she ended up `impressed using the accuracy and completeness in the historical remembrances preserved and passed upon simply by Aboriginal families' (1979, 1). Your Woman failed to regard the evidence as total without your input associated with oral proof of relevant groups. the reverse had been also true. Aboriginal history within Barwick's knowing demanded your archival evidence and also the fieldwork. Barwick's project worked towards decreasing the opposition among literate and oral modes involving knowledge across Aboriginal anthropology as well as history.(16) she has been well in front of the woman's time in this regard. Perhaps now, debate continues over your possibility of erasing this opposition. However, it is currently an acknowledged area of contestation within the actual academy (Clifford 1988).(17)

Barwick's approach to Aboriginal issues was inextricably linked for the fact that they began the woman's Australian perform amongst Kooris of southeastern Australia. having listened in order to Aboriginal people, the lady found that their own colonial history couldn't end up being dismissed in their analysis of their current circumstances. However, this went contrary in order to the grain regarding the orthodoxies regarding Australian social anthropology of times (see Cowlishaw 1992; Thomas 1989). Ken Inglis noted in Barwick's memorial service that her ability

to cross together with ease the actual border involving the territories

marked out regarding anthropology and also history ... perhaps

didn't aid the woman's academic reputation, in the world where

most anthropologists don't read background and most

historians don't study anthropology. (McBryde et al

1987, 3)

An examination associated with her perform with the 1960s and also 1970s additionally brings in order to the fore your complexities along with contradictions inherent inside the anthropological project involving attempting to represent the actual social reality of `the other' in a rapidly changing world (Marcus along with Fischer 1986, vii). the issues which have caused challenge as well as crisis within anthropology and Aboriginal history in the 1980s is found inside Barwick's perform within this period.


Richard Barwick, Jeremy Beckett and also Sally White, amongst many others interviewed with regard to my MA thesis in Diane Barwick, were generous inside helping me determine what I have associated with Diane's life and also work. David Hollinsworth as well as Christina gave information on this paper.

(1.) My MA thesis explores the actual hostile disciplinary divide between anthropology as well as history within Australia by means of until no less than the particular 1970s within which usually anthropologists like Jeremy Beckett and Barwick, interested in the particular lives and authenticity of Aboriginal individuals living in southeastern Australia, battled pertaining to their own authorisation within the anthropological discipline.

(2.) Within our interview in 24 September 1992, Ken Inglis recalls her starting operate in 1957 as well as 1958; your biographical notes upon contributors to Marie Reay's 1964 edited collection say 1959-61.

(3.) for example, Judy Inglis and geographer Fay Gale within Adelaide Jim Bell inside La Perouse, Sydney, John Wilson inside Perth, as well as Jeremy Beckett, Ruth Kink and Marie Reay throughout New South Wales (see Barwick 1962, 1963, 1964a).

(4.) Inside later on years Barwick would an enormous quantity at work for Stanner, specifically following a stroke left him literally debilitated. In our interviews, Mulvaney along with Beckett both commented that will Stanner rarely acknowledged your ex assistance. Mulvaney referred to the woman's scarcely acknowledged efforts in organising the particular conference, as the possible early example of this.

(5.) for example, observe Schapper (1970). for an influential critique, see Langton (1981); additionally Barwick (1974b).

(6.) Barwick recounts how she has been chastised by simply a variety
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Disney-themed Dim Sum at Crystal Lotus RestaurantSLATE Missouri Career Center workshops and job fairsThe Subway Inn: Goodtimes without the frillsBeatle news briefs: More McCartney shows in Mexico CityhDallas motorcycle activities for the weekend of April 10-11'Personality Disorder' diagnosis gives military billion$ of reasons to screw VetsEast Ridge gears up for 12th annual Bug-A-Paluza EventFun Friday: Upcoming eventsCould a TRC help heal the wounds of the Catholic ChurchhHow to give yourself a professional worthy manicureTeaching basic obedience cues can help to save your dogs life.Manchester have Hernandez... now whathWhen do we finally stop lying to ourselveshNext step: Networking - finding the Hidden Job MarketWest Va. mine, two rescue crews go back in, nitrogen pumped in (video)Whale rescued from fishing nets in Hawaii98 dogs seized in Guildford County raid of Rush KennelsThe Funny Side of Autism-an interview with author Lisa MastersFormer Wildcat struggles in MLB managing debutFamily Force 5- Interview with the vivacious crunk rockersDon't tell, Disclosures that deflate your dating game....Olivier Desaintmartin and Zinc Bistro: profile of a master chef in PhiladelphiaBaby Cham live at the CrossroadsThe most beautiful photo collage of Twilight's Bella & Edward - she's in wedding gown!Could a TRC help heal the wounds of the Catholic ChurchhManny Pacquiao: The Perpetual UnderdogLead Alliance Media Group to host Colorado Rockies Opening Day CelebrationKick Ass : A very different kind of comic book film that pulls no punches - A Review.2010 Minor League Baseball (AAA) promotional list for collectorsMaking a silk purseNew Xenoblade gameplay detailsThe unusual history of the symbol of Marseille, the Basilica of Notre Dame de la GardeTour de France organizers assume Tour of California television production responsibilitiesEasy summer salad recipeLubbock Estacado needs parents to step upUzoh leads Portsmouth team to victoryDate Night : Steve Carell and Tina Fey make a date from Hell seem fun ! - A Review.The midnight movie review 'Date Night'Conference on Creativity and Law this SaturdayPisces - Savor The Pixiedust! Horoscope of Karmic Refuge Spring '10IPL Points Table after 40 gamesPunjab owners to sell off stake: TV reportsAfridi happy to have missed IPL (after all that brouhaha!)ESPN2 FNF's headed to CaliforniaKXIP v MI Punjab v Mumbai IPL T20 Live cricket score and streaming, Set Max Live, Highlight VideosVideo: Wrestlemania 26 reviewed in the tune of 'American Pie'To Sir With Love (1967)Inaugural meeting of a new Reformation SocietyAust Greens applaud protestors win against nuclear industryRogue class preview for World of Warcraft: CataclysmAtlanta Celebrates Four Square Day on April 16thFalsifying EvidenceShawn Michaels career retrospective, part 4Charting a course with The TablehopperConan O'Brien is homelessBrad Pitt News: Bodyguard confirms Brad Pitt having an affair with Jennifer AnistonhUSB mass storage for Xbox 360 with new system updateHow to renovate a room for lesshStop and smell the flowers at Garfield Conservatory Spring Flower ShowiPhone OS 4 announcedSadie Holmes Extreme Makeover, Home Edition Anniversary FundraiserGreen Celebrity News: Lady Gaga may fight with Miss Piggy over Kermit the Frog in new Muppet MovieSuns Family Faith Night with Mark SchultzThe Sims 2 worldwide custom content finds for April 9, 2010Upcoming Maryland Genealogy and History Events (4\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/9\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/2010)The video game celebrity circus of tomorrowKristen Stewart turns 20: A look at 20 of her filmsUnderstanding personality; Or, 7 billion snowflakesReporter Jailed Gestapo Style by St. James Parish PoliceThe Sims 3 worldwide custom content finds for April 9, 2010 (part 4)The Sims 3 worldwide custom content finds for April 9, 2010The Sims 3 worldwide custom content finds for April 9, 2010 (part 3)The Sims 3 worldwide custom content finds for April 9, 2010 (part 2)Southland - this is southern Los AngelesRaising rabbits - orphan babies foundNew performance sportsware for men from Harley-Davidson2010 Dallas Film Festival to award Amber Heard Shining Star AwardEDGE 214 review scoresProStroke Golf: World Tour comes to Xbox 360, PS3, and PC88 Days of Fortune anniversary celebration: Day 2 at Rearview Mirror.Storytelling festival begins todayVipers travel to El Paso for rematch against Sun CityA mild Friday and weekend weather forecast for DenverPittsburgh Steelers draft digest: team takes second look at Texas safety Earl ThomasCar and Motorcycle show fundraiser for co-worker diagnosed with stage 4 cancerJust in time for proms and weddings - Spa weekWeather forecast for northern Maine, Friday April 9, 2010The Birthers latest heroin hit: Michelle ObamaNow Showing At The Broadway & Tower (April 9-15)Making a powerful difference'Birds head home with first win under beltSay good-bye to language barriers with handy iPhone appsMajor marijuana grow operations busted in Benzie CountyThe fear of middle school for LAUSD parents'Twilight' star Ashley Greene wraps 'Apparition,' moving on with 'Butter'If a \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"friend\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" is also a friend of an enemy, is that friend truly a friendhScottish Tartan Festival this weekend in MindenKiely Williams - In Hot WaterOhio's Blackwell a likely replacement for RNC head Steele if Steele bows to pressure and resignsPet Amber Alert issued for shih tzus in Virginia, North Carolina and FloridaSmearing the lipstick right off their facesMuccigrosso Vineyards in Santa Cruz MountainsLocal school textbook controversy over the phrase \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"the Biblical myth\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" referring to creationBaltimore Orioles opening day weatherThe Scottish rock band that rose from the deadGet organized for your new babyiPad goes FrankensteinRobby Christner wants to give Pumas fans 'lots to cheer for' in 2010Finding a hike in ColoradoColorado's Morrison Inn serves up mile high adventures in a Margarita glassMCC Medical Clinic honored with 2010 Leadership Award: requests online votes for additional fundingProblems at Philadelphia charter schools point to need for strong authorizerPoll: Where do you think is the perfect dream date night restauranthRA Sushi takes us out to the ball game with the O's Roll- save $2The Good News and the other news: Dear American GestapoChatting with Ginger Pennell from The Spirit Quest CenterJackson Rathbone says 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' will have Civil War flashback sceneSpring thaw: The mountain biking trails in MinneapolisState prepares historic iron bridge for travel in Charlestown State ParkNews from the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"A\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Pet adoption in Joplin finds a new home for a pittie mixPiyut Sepher Yetzirah'Bring Karl Rove to UC Merced' campaign beginsDoubting Thomas: A kinesthetic learnerWhitewater State Park volunteer opportunitiesEntries for the Fool for Love romance contest accepted through Aprilthe iPhone for momsBreathe writing conference dedicated to equipping writers for their callingPersonal development through Master Mind networkingCustomer Satisfaction - UTAH Style'Twilight' star Billy Burke to release a music album this summerMalady in Washington D.C. diagnosed as PelositisTornadoes and a snowstormTelugu movie Prabhas Darling, MP3 songs download, trailer videoAIA Colorado - Young Architects Award GalaAustin Mental Health NewsA chat with Chris Power and Nathan Hynes of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Long Pigs\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"2010 Masters: Couples, Watson, Mickelson, Woods set pace after day oneBehind closed doorsFood Friday - Asparagus & Chicken RotiniCNN hopes to stem ratings collapse with right wing crazy2010 International Pillowfight. Sleepover not required.Three to See\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/Flee for April 9, 2010Whistler this weekend: April 9-11, 2010RPGBomb: Social networking for gamersSexual freedom is a fundamental human rightCuddle party this Sunday, April 11 at Shangri-Ooh-La-LaSave human brains from psychiatrists fund raising driveCharles, Prince of Wales married CamillaState shifts blame in appliance rebate foul-upBest friend an armed citizen has is his armed neighborJim Butcher, bestselling Dresden Files author, comes to town Saturday; Read chapter one of ChangesGreat Books Chicago 2010Review: Clone Wars 2.18 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Zillo Beast\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Enjoy great cones at Washtenaw DairyGood news for job seekersNew toy from Crayola - Color Wonder Lap DeskRambha marriage, photo gallery, videosNewest 'Twilight' casting rumor: Robert Pattinson to portray Kurt CobainhThree great (not so local) places to shop in AustinCooler and drier conditions on the wayKhloe Kardashian takes a stand: 'Jealousy is a disease'Why they might worship Elephants in India. Check out this artist!UFC 112: complete weigh-in results, Silva and Penn lead pack that make weightCharger Girls holding auditions this Sunday at USDPaw It Forward and help a local shelter!Borders stores host 'Big Bargain Book Blowout!'Micro-current and the skin- is it friend or foehCharger Girls holding auditions this Sunday at USDHas the Woo left Google HollerhReviews - Date Night & City IslandCulver City Dining: Restaurants that serve legumes may help your blood sugarBoulder Roubaix set for SundayClinton helps Islamic terror supporter enter U.S.Crist may be near a turning pointShrimp touffeCoca-Cola, Native Americana, drugstore, fire fighting collectibles at auctionJon Stewart rips Fox News coverage of STARTUnicorn Variations by Roger ZelaznyiPad sales projections better than expectedIssues and Eggs, Luzerne County Republicans meet the candidates at Wilkes-Barre breakfastDeputies search in East County for missing S.D. teenColorado Rockies to have fine weather for their home opener against the PadresGabbriella Yates speaks about the body as the grounding in conflict transformationTwilight star Ashley Greene joins ButterApril showers bring lots of Colorado snow to Winter ParkTeen Talk: Do Other Girls Act Jealous Of YouhHelp with Farm Chores at Catskill Animal SanctuaryTwo 'Twilight' stars reflect on 'Eclipse' footageNew York's GW Bridge named one of 7 worst roads in USDomestic dispute shooter collared after standoff with cops, SWAT teamRosie O'Donnell poised to take over Oprah Winfrey's daytime slotDeep discounts on \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"new-to-you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" clothes, toys, strollers and more during Just Between Friends saleRoute of the week - Pikes Peak Greenway 3 mileTennessee needs a volunteer for quarterback after transferUtility safety for Baltimore gardenersFatal Opinions - A DevotionConfirmed: Gears of War 3 details & release datePipeline poll shows surprising results . . .Weekend gardening events in the BluegrassMake running fun for kids--bonus Superfans videoTherapeutic horseback riding'Roam Home to a Dome:' Bucky Fuller song in praise of the geodesic dome: He sings it (video)Controlled Burn scheduled at Bluff Lake Nature Center April 14Tiger Woods plays his best ever during first round at Masters (photos)The Pagan Census project is seeking participants from JacksonvilleFinding fitness after twins, part IV. The jogging stroller.Bernanke Does DallasSpring Skiing: the last of itRep. McMahon hosts Ambassador Rice in BrooklynSuperseal athlete profile: Bobbie Solomon, Rebecca Lewis, and Laura SasakiRobert Pattinson says he hates to flirt and is not a romantic person in new interview (PHOTOS)Enjoy wacky fun at the SafePlace Field Day and FestivalUnderinflated tires kills four in Learjet crashReview: 'Date Night' is escapist enlightenment at its bestArlington's Phoenix Bikes benefitLooking for crystals- check out the Gem & Mineral Show this weekend in RaleighEgypt: A View from the StreetCPSC announces recall of Mecca children's hooded jackets with drawstrings'Date Night' strikes out for Carell & Fey; 'Runaways' rocks hard with Stewart & Fanning (REVIEWS)'Nurse Jackie' Twitter contest fully underwayIt's no shock that Americans fail at civicsCongressman Pete Olson vows fight for NASA Constellation Program and 6,000 contractor jobsCell phones in schoolHope for families with children from hard placesBakersfield College Jazz Ensemble - Spring 2010 ConcertGoogle hit with another copyright lawsuit regarding the scanning of booksCity of Chicago hosts 7th annual Creative Chicago ExpoMuseums can make history easier to be interesting.Handel's charactersOn-line dating: Are they who they say they arehA MMA technique a day (video) ghost escape from the side controlMetropolitan Opera performance of the Magic Flute on Colorado Public RadioGears of War 3 confirmed for April 2011Take a rest stop at Reston ZooThe KFC Double Down Sandwich: Threat to homeland securityh (video)Movie review: Date Night, 9.05 out of 10Town of Parker awarded the Great Outdoors Colorado GrantThe healthy pet: Heartworm prevention and treatmentPreviewing the Columbus Crew against FC DallasThe Phelps phenomenonTwo more vaccines required for Alabama children and more headlines for April 9, 2010top 5 classic action\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/adventure filmsThe Camp Patterson Experience; summer program for kids with special need through Everett ParksChristianity, Islam and Judaism...cousins in monotheistic faith!American tennis player Wayne Odesnik claims to have never used HGH in spite of guilty pleaHenry Rollins motivates Chicago audience to make positive change in the worldBRC urges the Forest Service to broaden science base in development of new RuleLasagna bake recipeNational Sibling DayNevada governor defends Constitution, defies AG, sues Feds over ObamacareThis weekend at the Colorado Symphony Orchestra2.6MCatholic Connection - Cancer survivor Brenda Kuriger encourages \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Run from the Sun\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" April 10, 2010She Ain't No Beyonce ain't no Roxxxy RobotMud Pie initial feeding setPolk County arrest report for Cedartown, Rockmart and Aragon ( April 06, 2010)Breaking: Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens to retireHead to the Heard for the Katsina Doll Marketplace SaturdayChasing fallen flag railroads' lost tracksFirst Roush Barrett Jackson Mustang sells for $110kWho am I hHow I fell off a cliff and lived to write the tale. The story behind Pamela Clare's Naked Edge'American Idol' and its sinking ratings- What happened to the powerhouse showhAerosmith and J Geils band to play Fenway Park!Dollar Pasta Night - Taking the bite out of taxesSan Francisco Green FestivalGirl trips out on LSD at Logan Airport, we're talkintravel (video)AdoptionTaylor Kitsch and Tom Arnold join Peter Berg's BattleshipAddicted: Are you the addict or the enablerh Stop making excuses and save a lifeKaufer drops out of 44th LD race; makes way for newcomer, BoergerFresno Grizzles help \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Strike Out Autism\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Flying's gone wild!6th Annual Buzz-B-Q Cookoff featuring Ty Herndon - May 15thFree Theater: LA Theatre Works airs 'True West'Conservatives losing power over CensusTropical Brunch in the Redlands hosted by Les Dames d'EscoffierThis weekend in derby (April 10)Confirmed: Gears of War 3 coming April 2011The best chili cheese dogs with fixingsWho does Dick Durbin RepresentTop 50 bicycle friendly cities have 4 in our backyardVagina Monologues take center stage at Place GalleryDancer Spotlight: Doreen Beatrice in Dancing For The StarsCentral Florida Lifestyle seeks nominations for 4th Annual Uniformed & Unique seriesOptions for parentsMissed Viva Las Vegash Booze, Broads and Hot Rods has your fix SAT 4\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/10\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/10Windy City Thunderbolts bring back Hall and JernstadFree parking for Rockies home openerHamrick's super sale ends Saturday, April 10Twist of Kate- Kate Gosselin's newest showDrinking at the Disney Resort - Pt 2 The Wine CellarFight urban blight with Phoenix Blight BustersGeorgia State football spring scrimmage excitement growsGas City I 69 Speedway is Open and RacingThe American Holocaust - time for the truthThere is more to keeping kids safe on the internet than parents may realize'Exiles' reopens at the Hayworth Theatre todayThe Ultimate leg workout with no weights (video)What do you do when your family dislikes your partnerhTake Action NowNYC dessert news round-upFitting exercise into the work-life balance'Glee' spoiler alert: Upcoming story lines for new season (VIDEO)Kim Kardashian uses fame for a good causeDaily flights to Canada begin today from John Wayne AirportLakers' late-game paralysis hands Nuggets home winFrugal 101: One rotisserie chicken, three mealsAlan Grayson once again is dis-Grays-fulcrashes GOP meeting at Windermere Perkins-Update1Spring Break theme days: Making a MemoryFour funny formulas for learning success - part twoCome to Arizona...but wear your bullet proof vest -- CommentaryNew York interfaith protest against jihad in Nigeria: Part 2. Barbarism over time and areaPolitics and performance at the Pico PlayhouseKansas City Public TV features Holocaust-themed programmingLive blog: Podium training at the French InternationalShould Obama draft an Arab-Israel planh: Part 1. Blame and concernJobs: research shows turnovers & openingsBrock's Performance elite Dragracing team revved up for Atlanta NationalThe Creation Science Society of MilwaukeeCatch a sneak preview of Red Dirt Rising at Columbia SpeedwayIMF: Israel and Arab states hamper West Bank economy: Part 1. The reportUltimate X #2 reviewHey umps, keep your hands off my Yankees, Red Sox rivalryThe Tyranny of the Left and the RightDemocrats and Republicans now have the same low favorability rating; approval for Obamacare sinkingMovie Review: Tina Fey and Steve Carell make \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Date Night\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" worth itApple's new iPhone OS 4 adds multitasking, iBooks, and improved e-mail functionalityIsrael denounces Palestinian Authority honoring of another terroristSpring storms continue to hammer the Front RangeMove to the beat at Fiesta Medina, 4\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/11Usain Bolt to race The World at 2010 Penn Relays (video)Masters Day 1: Couples leads at 6-under; Watson, Mickelson 1 back; Woods lurkingIsraeli journalist stole secret IDF documentsh\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"How important is routine to my cath\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Response from Valley VetsOrganic AvenuePeace Now demands razing of Jewish neighborhoodAgingLatin Artists celebrate upcoming world cup with MTV Tr3s' Rock N' Gol SpecialPetition sent to FDA to remove barriers for the use of nicotine replacement productsArbor Day presentation on April 13 in LennoxFostering Brotherly Love in Philadelphia with the Knowledge of God - Part 3The Hawaiian Islands: Wild, scenic, historic and luxury waterfront destinations-Your Choice!Concrete contractor seldom misses a workout at the boxing gymMartha McRae and male stripper episode of 'The Facts of Life' (video)ABQ race weekend update for April 10th 2010DPD investigates mysterious death of three year old boyUFC 112: Predictions for Saturday night and updated resultsRockstar Makita Suzuki 's Austin Stroupe's blogThis lighting looks like a jellyfish, but it's pure 1970s glamoramaThe Sharks still in a dogfight for the top spot in the Western ConferenceTree falls on local family Easter egg hunt.Fernbank to open new interactive exhibit in 2011Moussy's-French Tapas and Wine BarBrewers extend GallardoCountry Music News Roundup - Friday, April 9, 2010Vain faithEscape to Greece with a taste of 'Mother Earth'DVD Review: A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)Mumbai Indians vs Punjab Kings XI IPL T20 live cricket score and streaming, MI vs KXIPFree who's hiring in Pittsburgh newsletter week of 4\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/5\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/2010Montreal Market and the Changes Upon UsSex and the City 2 releases full theatrical trailer for upcoming debutMovie review: 'When You're Strange' brilliantly chronicles The Doors and frontman Jim MorrisonCrysis 2's new alien enemyDenver area Earth Day 2010 eventsI Love Off Site MeetingsM.A.C.H.E. Homeschool ConferenceElegant Spring Dcor without the High PriceTeens can get Lifeguard training for freeYour voice in politics, use it, or lose it!Chain of events playing outAZ police see more medications causing DUIsBaking challahKalmah: 12 Gauge album reviewIt's time to come out of our cocoonsAmazon can't replace communityCarson Scholars Fund recognizes academic achievement and humanitarian qualities of young studentsRevamp your spring look with LF StoresWho is Brenda DickinsonhGo After Your GoalsNorthern Ireland's Sesame Tree getting new Muppet squirrelThe weekend wine scene, where to go and wines to tryTMZ: Sandra Bullock taking care of Jesse James' kidsNBT taps local artist for revamped Northgate branchEstate sales in DC area this weekendFriday video stoke: jibbing at BreckAre you the good news - or the top storyhSleeping baby photo contestHow good was the Springfield Power Plant teamhThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo hunts a killerBarren Earth: Curse of the Red River album review'Date Night' reviews - starring Steve Carell, Tina Fey, what do the critics thinkhDungey and Stroupe on Houston SX missionMarking the color boxThe Widow's Bane, live at Swallow HillGreat deal at Castle Park for spring breakFergie shoe line now at BelkGetting your child excited about readingHot Fun at Seminole Town Center!Global human trafficking news roundup (April 9, 2010)Mary Poppins opens tonight at the Aronoff CenterThe allure of jewelry and metal arts20-somethings: week 14 meals day 5 - ratatouille stir-fry with jasmine riceONAP public conference call today at 2 pm ESTThe Vagina Monologues, Sunday, April 18, 201020-somethings: week 14 meals day 4 - BBQ pork sandwiches, quick coleslaw & deli-style dill pickles20-somethings: week 14 meals day 3 - stovetop chicken mac 'n cheese & spicy broccoliFabulous Friday Feasts: Aimee's Birthday Celebration!20-somethings: week 14 meals day 2 - skillet eggplant parmesan & crisp fennel cabbage saladMovie review: 'City Island'20-somethings: week 14 meals day 1 - maple sage pork tenderloin, orzo aglio e olio, glazed names Atlanta a test marketHow to adopt the right dog for you.20-somethings: week 14 easy meals plan & grocery listCommercially grown fruits and vegetablesIEC youth open forumTwilight Saga's Robert Pattinson:Hooking up with Kurt Cobain's widow Courtney LovehIt's a Dog Party at the Dog Bowl!Entrepreneurship in practice with Michelle Williams (part 2 of 2)Newton's Lindsey Hook scores game-winner in overtime to lead girls soccer team past MarshalltownShattered in victory: A portrait of Theodore Ayrault Dodge and the Army of the PotomacFlexibility: No Longer a Four-Letter WordhFoods that fight breast cancerAre our neighborhoods and our country safehStop threatening Erin Andrews!Horror Films and Stephen King- Distribution and Release (Part 7 of 7)First and Last Draft, Part 1New Specialty Retail PageCool morning lows in Dallas-Fort WorthPrince William engaged to Kate Middletonh - Royals booked elsewherePhotograph of the week : April 9, 2010First and Last Draft, Part 2\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Where Did Your Veggies Goh\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Getting Your Children to Eat and Love Their VegetablesFirst and Last Draft, Part 3UFC 112 preview and predictionsBorders 30% off coupon valid from April 9 - 12, 2010Masters 2010: Live leaderboard, Couples and Woods set for round twoRepublican silence encourages extremistsA better kind of nightlife starts with the Better ClassCouples can experience frugality in romancePawsox win opener at McCoy, 11-3'Humboldt Squid Encounter Data Form' added to Humboldt Squid websiteAttachment Parenting board offering prizes for postingBehind the Blogger: The Big GirlWeightlifting is good!New rumored device: The BlackBerry 9300Cannabis patients to Ill House don't let us languish in debilitating illness, pain while you adjournSupreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens announces retirementSlickDeals website offers free TCBY ice cream, Gamestop discounts, Payless, Kohl's couponsActress Jennifer Love Hewitt dating John AsherhChild Abuse Prevention and AwarenessFree or cheap classroom resourcesMovie Review: 'Date Night' - Carell and Fey are great but the movie isn't!Colder with rain and snow todaySecret launch campaign by Chelsea Rebelle of the Los Angeles fashion sceneHold that order: Carl's Jr.'s Carpinteria-based parent company has a new suitorCapitals rock the regional airwavesImpression: D.Gray-Man Blu-ray Season 1 Part 1La Leche League provides breastfeeding support for local mothersSecond Gary Paulsen book signing this weekendStudent sexual assault depends partially on privilegeNewton boys soccer team rallies past Marshalltown in home openerThe Masters on ESPN still needs some workTyler Hilton hits the road in April with The Spill CanvasWake School Board split decision on diversity resolutionMasters 101: Don't have a badge, you can still meet John DalyA beautiful Ohio Valley weekend!High-speed rail coming to Madera and Merced counties. Building route west of Highway 99 is outiPod Touch Review for People with DisabilitiesSprucing up Peanut after a walkBlue Angels show in Key West: one of about 70 per year27th Annual Bluebonnet Festival kicks off today: best in yearsNewton boys tennis team falls in home openerLow Cost Rabies Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats in Douglas County ColoradoMigrate north for this month's Whale and Jazz FestivalWho's Bad, Michael Jackson tribute to play at Mercy LoungeHealth care reform and the changing obligations of employersSelf-Sustained living and what to expect from this columnIra Mitchell, Colten McDermott win events at Des Moines Hoover InviteProtesting against the protestersNewton girls track team continues to show improvementFriday and Saturday bonus deals at local LV ToysRUs stores!TUF 11 episode two: Liddell and Ortiz pick teams, the fighters move into their new digs10 things you should be doing on your About Me page.NJ Senate Dem leader threatens to introduce surtax extensionHelicopter crash kills 4 in AfghanistanVideo: McCormick to fill in for injured Yates at Jordan SuzukiMake the most out of your organic produce - lettuceMcKinney literally gets the cold shoulderThe Real Housewives of New York City: Meet sexy, single Sonja Morgan! Chaminade in Santa Cruz offers scenic, secluded settingFirst Impressions: Blur DemoKids with physical disabilities can ride a bike thanks to BORP's Adaptive Cycling CenterSpiritual AthletesTarot addictionAll is not well in IncorrigibleGetting the best remortgage quoteFood Recalls Continue in Gainesville, FloridaFirst impressions: Eternal by War of Ages album reviewThe economic consequences of being disorganizedNovelist Anne Rice shares her thoughts on faith and returning to GodNewton girls tennis team falls to Norwalk in highly-contested dualRobert Frankel passes at 68, memorial serviceMake a difference in your child's future nowJason Gavern stuns Manuel QuezadaDenim in the officeTiger Woods and stripper revenge, 'breast wishes'Father accused of beating 1-year-old daughter to death says he didn't do itJessica Simpson lingerie now at BelkVertical Gardens exhibit in San Francisco extended through May 14, 2010Mary Beth Buchanan's campaign manager Kurt Acker named in Jane Orie indictmentAt risk - more than just left behind (pt. 1)Kate Gosselin says kids excited for new 'Twist of Kate' show; more 'Kate Plus 8' shows comingMy wife is pregnant but I had a vasectomyEnd of the road for Hummer and the world gets more greenPhantom: The American Musical Sensation by the East End PlayersAnheuser-Busch pulls Redbridge off market to reformulateFirst impressions: Wu Massacre by Method Man, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon album reviewWhile you're here: Glen Echo Park49ers looking for the best return specialist in the NFL DraftKeep the weight off after a very low energy dietStart booking Amtrak sleepers for summer season now!Plastic surgery: deterring off the journey for perfection (Part 2)Fred Couples: Golf's answer to George Clooney is hottest player on the planetTom Conlon and Joseph Dunlap will be in concert at Joe's Listening Room on Sunday nightTom Conlon and Joseph Dunlap will be in concert at Joe's Listening Room on Sunday nightFriday Forks: Lemon granita and Bell's HopslamEasy blueberry muffins -- a recipeAn award winning editor turned fiction writer has a new, gripping novel arriving in MayAnother enemy of the Constitution to resignFirst impressions: Monuments to Thieves self-titled album reviewAlternatives to Starbucks coffee in Santa Barbara: Better'n SBUX wrap-upSelf awaremess and mental health recoverySaddle up free during National Park Week April 17-25Creative Loafing presents the FARTA editionMesa school board requesting a five day cut to the school yearDon't miss day 2 - Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival!Go Green this weekend - San Francisco Green Festival 2010 speakers and eventsCelebrate Earth Day with frog songSpring cleaning goes \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Green,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" try natural cleaning methodsJersey City spa girls look no further part 2-massage therapySoap guns and grenades not just for convicts anymoreBarbra Streisand's exclusive NYC Village Vanguard performance to be released on DVDThe Naked Finger MysteryRitz-Carlton, South Beach offering \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Charm Camp'' for teen girlsOlympic Peninsula beaches with dogs, part IIReview of BrioPTA wants to end confusion on sex ed legislationViagra for convicted sex felons in new health care bill.Did child abuse keep son of alleged killer Ernest Samuel Christie Jr. quiethFrost your FridayAmazon: Hidden Expedition ReviewRetain top performers within your company by following the recognition rulesPGA of America changing Fall Expo dates to piggyback off Fashion Week in VegasDallas seek first win as Columbus Crew hit the roadDiscover Hartford's Horace Wells--we promise it won't hurt a bit!wOn the roadh Sell on eBay right from your iPhone with the new eBay selling AppMedical mission trip to Haiti: Part 4Telecommute for StarTekIllinois Department of Corrections buying ammo on (not very good) creditBoulder on footNew Orleans the way it isLivingston Police: April 8, 2010SF dentist makes house callsEarly morning viewing of the International Space Station and ShuttleOsprey down in AfghanistanCherry Blossom Ten Mile Run, Five Mile Walk. Instructions, road closures, and Michelle Obama.Florida Folk Art Festival in Hannibal SquareSIOUX FALLS CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATESBIG BAND BROADCAST SUN APR 11Meet Stella: Columbus Pet Rescue Examiner's featured pet of the dayLocal Author Presents Book to Winner of Charity AuctionGuinness World Record attempt in ColumbusCar reviews: Dodge Journey is the crossover unto itself, for better or worseRain gardens reducing pollution in Lake Whatcom watershed'Jon and Kate Plus 8:' Kate Gosselin says children 'excited' for TV returnMoms, turn your kids into \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Little Planet Helpers\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" this weekendNo Joyce Kilmer park after darkAndrew Lincoln will star in 'The Walking Dead'DecorazonABDC Season 5 finale: The full episode videoTravel baby name of the day: LexingtonWinterthur's Point-to-Point: The fine art of playing well IN WilmINgton and the Brandywine Valley!WI Dept of Ag Producers First Grant money availableMichelle Obama:'Good Ho' GH cover ideal 'Collector's Issue'Crab ravioli in a creamy shallot sauceHappy Birthday, Curly LambeauFriday's food: Strawberries\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"The Brian Mason Show\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" celebrates 30 years on the airSurveying Dwarf Lilies in southeastern MinnesotaNotre Dame Football Spring Preview: Offensive LineCranberry pecan chicken recipe -- easy recipe for a sweet and tangy sauceNew Crysis 2 screens show unrivaled graphicsCrysis 2: The best console FPS of the decadeCandidate combines campaigning and comedySweet Trucking job - Food grade TankerAriel's Grotto closes at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom as Fantasyland expansion continuesBillie Jean King gets ESPN's special treatment in Long BeachNorth Carolina fishing rules and regulationsSpeakers at FAU forum talk about a number of issues related to women and reproductive rightsKDNL, ABC to cast 'Lost' off in styleViolence is what is done to the ruling class. Violence to its opposition is irrelevant\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Guns in bars\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" bill makes it's way through the legislatureCar views: If you love the sound of a thorougbred sports car ...New moms, new bodiesNo one knows what you thinkOrange County Head Start's 3rd Annual Family Festival - Saturday, April 17National Archives Hosts Genealogy Fair, April 14 & 15Schwindy's indie music spotlight: Untied StatesSpring blizzard closes Highway 43Haunted story of The Devil's Tree at Oak Hammock Park in Port Saint Lucie, FloridaPACT Act restricts mail order tobacco purchasesFind the cheapest gas in town at'Jersey Shore' reputation keeping guidos out of Miami clubsFree Christian novel for Kindle, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Hide in Plain Sight\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Marta Perry(Mother said) Be careful, you'll get a reputation!MLS Increases Roster to 26Reno Gets JazzyRaising expectations of puppy breedersDoes Your Job Search Strategy Include More Listening ... Or TalkinghLooking for truly amazing Indian foodh Biryani House is the place for you!Local author is coming to Barnes and NobleVIDEO: A day of mourning in Kyrgyzstan: 76 people killed by security forces at opposition rallyCamolyn eye drops and Fisiolin nasal drops recalledNature's beauty - are you seeing ithSurveying for the Green Dragon in southeastern MinnesotaBeauty 101: How to stop sweaty and stinky feetNew online scam 'Job Bailout Program' targets Ohioans and others with 'Be Your Own Boss!' promises'American Idol:' Adam Lambert rocks out Red Robinson Theater (video)Tom Wilson live in CincinnatiSteve Jobs on Apple iAd: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Most of this mobile advertising really sucks\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"A day of math, technology, science and engineering for kids in Manhattan!Symbolism on tarot cardsFood Allergy Awareness Week is Coming in May!Work from homeSustainability 50: Earth DayThe murders of transgender women must endiPhone OS 4.0 what to expectWhy are the White Sox taking the bat out of Gordon Beckham's handshApple changes developer agreement, possibly quashing some iPhone developmentSpork Restaurant exudes fast food charm without the fast foodReminder: 2fer time is coming to an end!What you do after you hire is more important than the hiring processHitch It or Ditch It - Movie Trailers for the week of 4-9-10Free green home building seminar at La Jolla Library on April 13Fire District seeks property tax increase - a factual summaryLisbon's Bonjardim reigns supreme as the King of ChickensPatti LaBelle Home Collection. Did you know she had oneh We didn'tNo special occasion needed for love lettersGive Big Dogs A Break! campaign kicks-offLandscapes: A Photography Exhibit by Houston and Texas ArtistsGoing Nude and SailingAfter further review, UH hire might work out after allUMBC-Binghamton lacrosse: What to expectPanhandlingMasters Second Round: LIVE now on ESPN3 and (don't let your boss know!)UFC 112 is battle of the longshotsAlcoa to kick off earnings season Monday.History 101: When and how did the Masters beginhThe Colombian Community In Michigan keeps busyFree bowling for kids in TacomaCreate Denver Week banks on Denver's creative capitalIs the Attorney General supposed to stop doing his job in an election yearhInquisition of Kozilek: Big discard, small priceNational parks offer fee-free days for 2010The Weekend Rock Gallery, 4\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/9 - 4\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/11BlackBerry 9650 shows up in Verizon databaseDenver Auto Show and adaptive driving tipsGears of War 3 accidentally announced early.EA and Crytek reveal Crysis 2 - 'The Wall' trailerPlayStation Store Update 4\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/8\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/2010Young Adult author Ellen Hopkins book tour comes to NapervilleSex and The City 2 trailer revealed: Includes Miley Cyrus, Penelope Cruz, and Liza Minnelli cameosGood for you low calorie waffles that taste greatTiger Woods 'cheats' his way to a career best at the MastersConstruction employment declines in Grand JunctionAmtrak reporting record-breaking ridership totalsWhere will you be on May 7thhAround the World in 80 Museums: Remembering Joseph Carey MerrickWho's playing Nashvilleh April 2010 EditionCurious George exhibit brings in thousands of curious fansDART train stop at Union Station scheduled to re-open on May 26Ask Kelli: Saying No to AcquaintancesForestville and Mystery Cave State Park has volunteer opportunitiesFuse TV grant fans a full day of Tupac with 'Tupac Takeover'Alfred Angelo designer Michael Shettel creates chic, sexy eleganceNorth Star Roller Girls jump the shark at the Minneapolis Convention CenterHot Docs is comingPalin compares Obama to a kid on a playgroundAngels and Dodgers look ahead after first series lossCoded information - a sign of intelligence or nothQ & A with Joakim NoahBuilding Bridges to the craft of actingMeet the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Ultimate Vegan\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" author in D.C.Justin Bieber has 'drum-off' on 'Jimmy Fallon' (video)Georgia Football: G-Day game free for fans to cheer Red & Black teams Saturday, CSS live broadcastPraise God for spring and the sun-even if it is occasionally interrupted for solid moistureTransportation Club plans golf tourneyJohn Rachell: Nature is his inspiration (slideshow)Groupon and BlackboardEats: discounts you wont want to missRules to writing copy for the webNational food holidays coming this AprilShaklee Basic H2 - Organic cleaning suppliesHouston Public Works division, Keep Houston Beautiful partner in Acres Homes Adopt-A-Ditch ProjectEarth Day 2010: Six tips to embracing your leftoversO'Malley's health insurance taxPet Travel 101: How do you find a pet-friendly hotelhAn analysis of the financial crisis (final)Dogs attack baby, bite scrotumMike 'The Situation's' abs take beating in Vitamin Water commercial with Mets' David Wright (VIDEO)Movie review: The RunawaysMovie review: Date NightAnn Arbor's FestiFools creates foolish fun on Sunday (Spring Into Detroit, P. 7)Surviving your children's birthday partiesAZ Baptists Commitment to Missions--$85 MillionKim Clijsters rises, then fallsCatholic Sacred Arts....alive and well...locally!Could breastfeeding save liveshAbilities Expo - May 21-23 2010 in Edison New JerseyJehovah Jireh: your providerFinding hope and optimism in the job marketFielding Hills Winery: East Wenatchee roots, Wahluke Slope AVA Fruit, fantastic red winesCoco Before Chanel...the movie makes me want to go shoppingFive easy steps to saving $500 a monthKayak Festival this SundayFlorida free weekend health clinic cancelledOne Celebrity Apprentice Contestant Fighting For Special NeedsRescuers forced to evacuate again; search halted for 4 West Virginia miners'Dancing With the Stars:' Chad Ochocinco kisses Cheryl Burke on 'Ellen' (photo)Government Procurement Fair 2010A tire recycling plant you can check out.Mind you, Japanese anti-child porn legislative loophole is an average Joe's concernRubin and Prince testify Citigroup too big for them to know all the detailsFriday Fun: Project Runway's Kayne at SWS, Manuel dances for charity, Laura Bell Bundy sings at PLAYBuckbean Brewing's Orange Blossom Ale: Sunkist for adultsTherapeutic book club as a unique tool for stroke rehabilitationUSHL Clark Cup Playoffs shift to FargoJack Wagner delivers reform proposal for infrastructureCrysis 2 trailer released, writer revealedSnakes, death and presentations - which one scares YOU mosthTwo Elementary SEO Tips to Help Your Web SiteLos Angeles \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"finds\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" $30 million. Los ngeles \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"encuentra\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" $30 millonesBest shows to see this April in ChicagoWeekend events in the Lowcountry - April 10-11, 2010Government's next big failure: ObamacareReview- Hot Tub Time MachineLeighton Meester is the new global ambassador for Herbal EssencesGodly child abuse in teaching Christianity to childrenLimping into the ATL - black and blue Raptors visit the HawksSlow play: Tiger Woods, other Masters golfers need to pick up the paceJazz for KidsArea homeschoolers learn about crime scene investigationLow cost staging tips and tricks for making a good impressionEnter the Sur La Table grilling contest -- entry due by May 15, 2010Free Reiki Healing CircleThe Crescent City welcomes the Republican Southern Leadership ConferenceHow to get to Coors Field with RTD and RockiesRideZac Posen for TargetLive Review: Konami shows off Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Def Jam Rapstar, a new CastlevaniaFamily Wellness SummitOpen Casting Call at ESPN Zone L.A. LIVEMake your own Balloon OrchestraErykah Badu's \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Window Seat\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\": risk or just risquhFamily activity recommendations for April 9 - 11Roy Zimmerman, Real American, sings for Philadelphia area fansChicago Loves Broadways Billy ElliotKids get silly over the latest trend: rubber band braceletsDrake Umbra: Game winning totem armorDallas LP candidate spreads fun while spreading libertyEli Paperboy Reed and the True Loves at Joes Pub March 31stRabies confirmed in New York and VermontPhilly look forward to big dayWith Target Field set to open the Metrodome fades into the past, but memories remainInternational Center for Photography - MFA exhibit - NYCOut Of Order at Maryland Art Place Friday, April 9Hilda Zacaras addresses T-Ridge agreement with cautionThis weekend at Whole Foods Market in ColumbusDog and Human are Best Friends Learning Together.Ellen DeGeneres doesn't like Americah One contestant on Family Feud thinks so...Get fit & healthy week #11: Commit to a local fitness activityBlue Martini: Success means no serviceBella's Dessert Catering Co. in Honey Brook, PA. creates for children's dietary needsGlobal Astronomy Month kicks off worldwide celebrationsTop News: Rescue teams forced back, first chamber empty, what nexthVIDEO: Taliban releases new video of U.S. soldier begging to be released from Afghanistan forcesW.Va. mine rescue mission setback for third timeDate night in Salt Lake City!Insurance company gets 80,000 calls from customers demanding to know where their free Obamacare isThe importance of spaying and neutering: Emancipet provides a low cost optionA conversation with Simon FraserWalk with your dog in the Bark in the Park pledge walk for the Humane Society of Greater Akron\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"As man is, so is his God. Thus is God oft strangely odd.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Clark County School District may say goodbye to year round schoolsAre critical thinking skills flounderinghFree job hunting workshopSchumacher: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Everything is still going according to plan\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"All about genre: Christian YALa Dolce Vita for a romantic evening outAfter work hikes - Libery Reservoir - Poole RoadEnergy Star for Homes reaches 1 million mark and keeps growingPortland walked in the TOMS Walk yesterday, April 8th - slide show includedApple iPad likely to see late April release in VancouverUnited begins quest for Open CupHow to Get to Central London from Heathrow Airport and Gatwick AirportSunshine state 6th worst in nation for violent crime ratesWest receiving a lot of attentionSertoma Park: Sertoma Butterfly House & The Outdoor Campus for family funChad Johnson to become head coach in LincolnUpcoming Central NC area scrapbook and paper crafting eventsDaily industry breakdown - 4\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/9\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/10Are all babies atheistsh Are they better off by learning about religion and ChristianityhCould I be a lesbianhProfile Photo Special and Scottsdale EventTrumping through SoHo...or wherever that new hotel really isMoney, power & freedom: food for thought for the Right and the LeftBoxing great Joe Louis profiled on ESPN ClassicTry vineyard wines locally at Landry VineyardsJobless claims increaseIs The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger being pirated into the movieshSupreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens officially retires, search for successor beginsStrawberry loveMentoring programsHow Star Trek Can Help Your Job SearchMr. Zhang's Chinese Restaurant-Who says you can't get great Chinese food in FloridahThird annual Honk! Fest West all-ages live band festival (April 9-11, 2010)Fresno arts studio increases offerings for teen birthday partiesMW2 Stimulus Package drops for PS3, PC in MaySome Sacramentans may be tiring of Splenda put in restaurant salads and arsenic in chicken feed'Dancing With the Stars:' Erin Andrews death threats become free speech debateSlash, Rob Zombie and more rock Revolver Golden Gods with live performances (PHOTOS)New 'Sex and the City 2' trailer reveals old friends, new stars (Video)Gears of War 3 accidently announcedSF Bay Area dogs ready to take homeNational Speakers Association - Illinois Chapter laughs all the way to the bankObese pregnant women put unborn child at risk for heart defectsGlasses trends for 2010: It's the year of the spectaclesLook of the week: BeyonceAudi unveils the new A3Key West getawayStudy reports 1 hour\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/day of exercise required for weight control: Read this before you give up!The Blame Game - The CaptainRace of the week- 1986 First Union 400 at North WilkesboroTrey Songz new album coming in September, preps new reality showFlorida East Coast fishermen may benefit from change at the top in NOAAFull of flavor side dish, pasta saladColumbus aiming to ramp up bikeway construction this summerBeans: The magical fruitOld French girls name week baby name of the day: ColetteBiker Bob Barber - Still riding at 75 !Never before seen Beatles photos to be displayed at London's Menier GalleryDogs pound Phils, 10-5 in season openerUFC 112 weigh-in results and videoFriday Wrap Up - Summer Camp, Artist in Residence at the De Young and more links to Notra CombatThe Edge Comedy Club hosts open mic nightUPS uses video games to train driversMake your work at home space or home office an environment that increases productivityBraised pork belly recipeCan an IPad create happy feelingshFACE Foundation San DiegoUS Supreme Court Justice Stevens retiring2010 NFL Draft: Top Five Wide Receivers Not Named Dez BryantGun owners can build bridges with medical communityI found a baby animal: what do I dohWisconsin and Boston College post routs in national semi-finalsFirst Aid kits can make a bump in a trip bearableIran Ready to Put the Three Hikers on Trialh'American Idol:' Randy Jackson explains Michael Lynche 'save'Homeschool 101: How do you homeschool when the teacher gets sickhSustainability 51: Al GoreBart Stupak to announce retirement to Tea Party cheersFirms plan to hire about 230 peopleYet more frequently-asked questions about the Menendez recallSerious threats against Congress tripleThe I Can Camp Program reaches into southeastern MinnesotaCharlottesville Comedy FestivalNH drops reimbursement fine against teen hikerHeroes among usCardinals come to town for Brewers second seriesDemo Ride: Madass 125Kate Gosselin moves from 'Dancing With the Stars' to 'Twist of Kate'Restaurant review: The Other Place in Berlin, CTHow to approach a career changeTom Watson, Fred Couples steal Tiger Woods Masters comeback fire VIDEOOpening Day: O's shoot for .500Greenville Drive manager McMillon wins debutHouston Tamale Factory, for those and tacos downtownMaximize spring herbal health.Database verifies worker immigration statusThe Titan Missile Museum: a National Historic Landmark since 1994A travel writer remembers back in the day when air travel was a breeze, does this date mehSix Bricks Press wants your poems and short short storiesEx-Offenders have resumes tooMen have breast cancer genesTop ten things you should not miss when traveling to ItalyEpic to announce another game, besides Gears of War 3Interview with Tyler StanfieldEco-Options make simple choicesWhen boredom and tools collideZabumba's owner, well-known personality in L.A.'s Brazilian community is killed in MexicoAudi announces changes for new 2011 TTMatty Reed sparks intense debate by selecting banned cyclist Tyler Hamilton as his bike coachMovie Review: Nothing new about 'Saw VI'Squaring off on square-edged picturesWeekend comedy picks: Charlyne Yi, Carl Reiner, Streamy Awards, and more!Memorial service date and time not yet set for Sonny BrownToronto's Nathan Phillips Square gets a $42 million makeoverHunt harder by staying hydrated and fed.Adam Lambert's new EP 'Remixes' available for download today, four days before 'official' releasePirate phrases and marina guide for 6th Annual Privateer Days in Fells PointA Greek financial rescue is a major market influence todayKentucky residents offered discounted tickets on April 15th for 2010 World Equestrian GamesMichael Jackson to be honored with a federal holiday like Martin Luther King, Jrh'Survivor' producer arrested and released: wife found dead in Mexico (video)Alexandria public library book sale this weekendAlbert King's trip to Memphis detoured to ArkansasWe Must Never ForgetJesus Fuego Event April 15th 3:30 to 7:30 PM Cigar ChateauStretch it OutWeekend movie preview: 'Date Night,' 'Black Waters,' 'After.Life' (with trailers)WWE and Bill Goldberg want one last match for next year's WrestleManiahSandra Bullock reportedly has Jesse James' childrenChris Rock to David Letterman: Tiger Woods will win Masters and then rape Phil Mickelson (video)Does your doggie paddleh Check out Jupiter Dog BeachUniversity of North Dakota \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Fighting Sioux\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" nickname retiredGetting ready for chicksA revloutionary approach to packaging: Preserve toothbrush \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"mail back pack\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Click and you can give food & care to abandoned animals!5 fun Saturday dinner time ideasNo need to compare... dance your own danceAnti-earnings tax proponents take fight to YouTubePreview: SAE Awards Ceremony coming to Detroit - April 13thVampire Diaries continues to impress'American Idol' Kris Allen walks 'barefoot' in Arkansas for RwandaRevolver Golden Gods winners list includes Alice in Chains for album of the year (Photos)Republic to announce Midwest and Frontier unified brand April 13Alexandria public library celebrates ten years in it's building on April 17thSurrakar Spellblade: New takes on old themesSteve Vai's CD \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Where The OTHER Wild Things Are\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Drops April 13th. It's Like Christmas In April.Movie Review: Love reigns in 'Valentine's Day'Drift girls that really drift!Surfing, the sport of kingsEarth Day printable resources: Word puzzles, coloring pages, mazes and moreToronto director to take on Swamp ThinghSocial Networking - 2010 MD Governor's RaceWhen will the iPad come to TorontohFashion worthy sandalsSeattle Weekly Voracious Tasting 2010 celebates our region's dynamic, ever-changing food sceneLuxury hotel Trump SoHo New York opens today'UFC 112: Invincible' features Sacramento-area fighter Mark MunozEasy Star All-Stars perform tonight at Freebird Live in Jacksonville BeachInterview with the Forerunner, producer of the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Jay-Z Deception\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Bed-Stuy Club Sputnik closesHalo: Reach beta maps revealed and detailedCatch a show at the Fox Performing Arts CenterUpdated NCAA 11 info and screensWeek of the Young Child 2010: How can I helphWatch for the opening of educator-owned LA Boxing Gym!Atlanta's High Museum presents the Allure of the Automobile exhibition: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Art you can drive\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Protecting Children on the Internet: Social media awareness for parentsPay it forwardDomino movie review: An acid trip with DominoObamas tape segment for American IdolFriday Find-A-Friend (Adopt-A-Dog) - Save money- save a dog adoption Special!Buy local cycling gear: Maine-based Atayne has a new zip-up jerseyThe Clyde Goes Wild featuring the best of Jackson Hole Wildlife Film FestivalUFC 112 main card predictions: B.J. Penn is just about unbeatableElective surgery, astrological timing and preparationCastlevania: Lords of Shadow impressions and screenshotsGolden Gate Park: Japanese Tea GardenBallroom dancing improves health with muscle usageOrbital's Paul Hartnoll talks Coachella 2010The Judds 'Name That Tour' contest.I'll be watching you: Sting headed here for New Orleans concertWhat's Out This Week: April 9, 2010Rare 'Empire Strikes Back' photos in this week's Entertainment WeeklyFREE lunch and other big savings on Tax Day, April 15Kiawah Island Golf Resort is worth the driveMetal Gear Solid: Peace Walker screenshotsTiger Woods update: Tiger returns to the Masters with his best start ever (photos, videos)Family vacation - tips for traveling with kidsRonnie Marmo and Walt Willey perform tonight, April 9th, in two Los Angeles stage showsDate Night opens Friday in theatersNurse fired over $23Kristen Stewart turns 20 ~ what has she been up to latelyhMurmurs: Pizza Schmizza to changeSupreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens announces retirementChicago Muslims host event to celebrate life of Prophet Muhammad - April 11Jimmy Fallon takes on 'Glee' (episode 2) with Amy Poehler (video)Dokken to release new greatest hits albumSite speed now relevant to Google search ranksWarner Brothers announces F.E.A.R. 3 launches this FallRush announces tour!Cancer and gene activation investigatedPerfect day in Canes CountryUFC 112 predictions; Local fighters and fans help decide who winsBorderline Personality Disorder (BPD): Its stigma and is it treatablehStarting vegetable seeds indoorsJersey Shore moves to Miami !Casey James of 'American Idol' - 'What a wild night!'Funny Picture: The coolest 'Die Hard' tattoo in the world, revealed (with startling evidence)Mark Allan Atwood, Brenda Kay, Josh Langston & Thoughts of a Texas Music Booking AgentWatch the Outrigger Championship Race for free this weekend at Magnuson Park in Seattle.Basic senior health and financial resourcesTony Dovolani can't wait to get rid of Kate Gosselin on DWTS, source claimsVideo: President Obama brushes off Sarah Palin's criticism of his new nuclear policyJack Johnson tickets go on public sale this SaturdayTiger Woods OK'd controversial nike ad proving he continues to make bad choicesFun, free ways to get a great workoutThis week's new release recommendationsJimmy Fallon's 'Glee' parody, '6-bee,' episode 1 (video)Barn cats & dogsHealthy Kids DayYemen National Dialog Coalition Seeks Reform, Broad Political InclusionExercise at the Flower FieldsAsparagus at Union SquareHopkinton State Park has some cleaning to doVitamin D deficiency takes 37,000 Canadian lives every yearMSNBC President Phil Griffin...\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Worst person in the world\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Hamad meets with Chief Evans about recent shootings, robberies of Arab-American businessmenAloha Chicago brings the Islands of Polynesia to the MidwestThere are just too many games to playOffenders saving dogs from euthaniziaThe church and racismLoosing gear overboard while kayakingPie crafts, pie recipes and even pie songs for the 2010 great American pie festivalThe issue with AfghanistanDay trip: Chocolate Festival in West Virginia, this SaurdayTom Brady and Gisele Bundchen take ParisIndigenous people of North America focus of free April 16 talk featuring scholar-author Scott Pratt'National Open House Weekend' pushes tax credits, home ownershipLeighton Meester teams up with Herbal EssencesInside Taiwan's Political Purgatory: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Please help us\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" (Part 8 of 20)Redwings party menu on a budget!Parrot Heads plan to flock to 3rd Annual 'FloriDaze' Beach Music FestivalLakeway events for good causes and for fun!Alexander Skarsgard smoulders on May cover of Details (PHOTOS)U.S. Postal Service cites global warming as a reason to cut Saturday deliveryHow to write a novel this summerOrganic Lawn Care SeminarGail Carriger BooksigningMake tonight a movie nightMLS expands rostersFree Price Hill Showcase of Homes on Sunday, April 11The road to stroke recovery includes Rocky Mountain Stroke CenterBible studies for men and womenChicago Schools Guide: Decatur Classical Elementary SchoolEach time I see that guy on TV, I know my business will grow as far as the eye can seeA tale of two authors: Pullman and Taylor go to battleWeekly Devotional - Jesus is relevant and so are weImmacullee IIabagiza Featured Speaker During Genocide & Human Rights Awareness MonthRestaurant profile: CentroNuclear DistractionJapanese researchers successfully complete artificial eel cultivation cycleLocal teen dies from gunshot woundA cult that calls themselves 'Westboro Baptist Church'An editor's pet peeves (interview with Michelle L. Devon (Michy))Multi-pitch climbing and gear for Mule Hollow in Big Cottonwood CanyonUnemployed watching, waiting for actionWill Nancy Kerrigan be considered for \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Dancing with the Stars\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"hAnimal Rescue League fund raiserRemains of missing man foundGigantomancer: The biggest 1\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/1 in Magic the GatheringWarner Home Video has \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Cornered\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" the market with the release of 8 new film noir titlesArt's Place: the place to beRihanna confirms her relationship with Matt Kem
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